Ireland Six Nations Record [YEAR-BY-YEAR]

Since their participation in the first-ever rugby championships back in 1882, Ireland have been an ever-present force in the world of rugby.

As former World Cup semi-finalists and Six Nations champions, the Irish have seen plenty of silverware and success throughout their impressive history as a rugby nation, especially against their Home Nations rivals.

Sitting proudly as one of the original four nations from the Six Nations championships format, Ireland has been able to win multiple titles as well as battle their fiercest rivals.

But how many times have Ireland won the Six Nations? And have they ever won the Grand Slam?

How Many Times Have Ireland Won the Six Nations?

Ireland have won the Six Nations on four different occasions, lifting the trophy in 2009, 2014, 2015 and 2018. Since the creation of the Home Nations Championship (now the Six Nations) in 1882, Ireland have won 22 titles making them joint-fourth in the overall standings.

Scotland have also won 22 titles since 1882 while Italy have never won the tournament. England and Wales are the nations with the most titles, winning 39 while France sit in third position with 256 wins.

When Did Ireland Last Win the Six Nations?

Ireland’s last Six Nations title came in 2018 when Joe Schmidt’s side won the Grand Slam by defeating all other five countries.

This was the 124th edition of the tournament, including the competition’s previous titles as the Home Nations Championship and Five Nations Championship, with Ireland winning on the 10th of March 2018, receiving a nice winner’s paycheck in the process.

Ireland won their first four matches, systematically placing them out of reach from the other nations by the final round.

Ireland’s achievements in the tournament shouldn’t come as a surprise based on the sport’s vast popularity in the country.

Ireland Six Nations Record 

YearGames WonFinal PositionChampions

How Many Grand Slams Have Ireland Won?

Ireland have won three Grand Slams in the Six Nations making them joint-fourth in the overall standings. The Irish are tied with Scotland yet again who also have three.

A Grand Slam is when a team wins all of its matches at the Six Nations Championship.

There have been 40 Grand Slams achieved since the championship’s inception in 1882 with England holding the most at 13 Grand Slams. Wales are close behind with 12 while France sits in third with 10 Grand Slam victories. Italy have never won the tournament.

Ireland’s last Six Nations title was coincidentally a Grand Slam victory as they beat all five of the nations to lift the trophy in 2018.

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