Most UFC Wins Record: Top 10 Fighters Ever

A company that has held over 600 events with nearly 700 fighters, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) creates a platform for some of the most victorious fighters in the world of mixed martial arts to compete at the highest level.

The frequent events and various weight categories have allowed many fighters to collect impressive winning streaks with the very best fighters boasting incredible win-to-loss records.

But which fighters have the most wins in the UFC? And who has the most title fight wins in the company?

Most Wins in the UFC 

1Jim Miller25
2=Donald Cerrone23
2=Andrei Arlovski23
4=Demian Maia22
4=Charles OliveiraDustin Poirier22
6=Dustin Poirer21
6=Rafael dos Anjos21
6=Jon Jones21
9=Max Holloway20
9=Georges St. Pierre20
9=Michael Bisping20
9=Neil Magny20
Most UFC Wins Record – Last Updated 11 June 2023

Who Has the Most Wins in the UFC?

As well as being the current holder of the most fights in UFC history, Jim Miller also holds the highest amount of UFC wins with an amazing 25 wins in 42 fights.

In July 2022, he fought fellow veteranDonald “Cowboy” Cerrone in Cowboy’s final UFC fight, which was a fitting end.

Cerrone himself has 23 wins in 37 fights making him joint second due to Andrei Arlovski also holding 23 wins in UFC. Demian Maia is close behind in uncontested 4th place with 22 wins in 33 fights.

Who Has the Most Wins in the UFC Women’s Division?

Amanda Nunes holds the position of most victories in the UFC women’s division with the Brazilian defeating her opponents 22 times in 27 bouts.

Nunes’ 22nd victory came in July 2022, defeating Julianna Pena at UFC 277.

Who Has the Most Title Wins in the UFC?

Jon Jones currently holds the record for most title wins in UFC with the American fighter holding 16 title wins during his UFC career.

The New York native became the youngest champion in UFC history with his title victory over Maurício Rua at age 23, since then he has been widely regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

Amanda Nunes also holds the record for most title wins in the women’s division, being victorious in 10 of her title bouts. Alongside her record, Nunes also became the first fighter in UFC history to have multiple simultaneous two-division title reigns after regaining the women’s bantamweight belt.

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