How Much Do YouTube Boxers Make? [ANALYSIS]

When two popular YouTubers decided to settle their public grievances in 2017 through a boxing match, the attention of the sporting world was drawn to such a strange and yet exciting event.

YouTubers Joe Weller and Theo Baker fought in August 2017, marking the birth of one of organized fighting’s most unique branches in history – YouTuber boxing.

In the past five years, YouTuber boxing has grown at a significant rate with the fighters earning millions at PPV events. Although the quality of the fights is nowhere near that of professional boxing, people from all over the globe have paid to see these influencers fight on the big stages of organized fighting.

But how much do these influencers earn from YouTuber boxing? And which fighters have become the highest-paid influencers in boxing?

Why Are YouTubers Becoming Boxers?

As a sport that allows athletes the chance to earn millions from a single event, YouTubers have begun professional boxing to profit financially and raise their image in the entertainment industry.

YouTuber boxing has quickly become a fast and easy source for influencers to gain further money and fame without needing to spend the years of training that ordinary professional boxers would need. This is mainly due to the low quality of the YouTuber fights with draws becoming a reoccurring outcome so that the fighters can receive another payday in the form of a rematch.

How Much Do YouTube Boxers Get Paid?

YouTube boxers at the higher pay-per-view level can earn around $1 million per fight, making it one of the most well-paid sporting branches in the world.

Further down the lower cards, influencers can make between $50,000 – $500,000 per fight depending on how successful the box office sales are for the event. As most YouTube boxing events have generated high sales figures, the average televised match has seen its fighters receive between $800,000 – $1 million for competing in the squared circle.

Do YouTube Boxers Make More Than Pro Boxers?

As YouTube boxers have been able to make box office figures in recent years, it comes as no surprise that the average YouTube fighter does earn more than the average professional boxer.

This does not make the influencers the highest-paid fighters however as pay-per-view professional fighters can earn up to $400 million for a single event. This is a stark contrast to the highest-earning YouTube boxer – Jake Paul – who made roughly $40 million from five fights in 2021.

Alongside this, in January 2023, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn revealed that YouTube boxers are earning far less than top-level professional boxers, further reinforcing that the main event title fighters are the highest earners in the boxing world.

YouTube Boxer Pay

Name of YouTube BoxerNumber of FightsAverage Pay Per Fight
Jake Paul6$2 million
Logan Paul3$1.5 million
KSI6$1 million
Last Update: 17-2-2023

How Much Does Jake Paul Make Per Fight? 

As the highest-earning YouTube boxer in the world, Jake Paul earns a minimum of $1.5 million – $2 million per fight, his most recent bout generated nearly $5 million for Paul alone as he receives a 65% share of the PPV revenue.

Paul has won all six of his professional fights, finishing four of the bouts with a KO victory.

Name of OpponentDate of FightPay Per Fight
Ali Eson GibJan 30, 2020$900,000
Nate RobinsonNov 28, 2020$900,000
Ben AskrenApr 17, 2021$1 million
Tyron WoodleyAug 29, 2021$1.5 million
Tyron WoodleyDec 18, 2021$2 million
Anderson SilvaOct 29, 2022$5 million
Last Update: 17-2-2023

How Much Does Logan Paul Make Per Fight?

Although he does not earn as much as his brother Jake, Logan Paul makes roughly $1 million minimum per boxing match, earning over $20 million from his boxing career

Logan’s record stands at three fights with zero wins, suffering one loss and two draws in his underwhelming career in the “Sweet Science” sport. Despite this poor form, his two boxing matches against famous influencer KSI are regarded as some of the higher-quality bouts in the world of YouTuber boxing.

Name of OpponentDate of FightPay Per Fight
KSIAug. 25, 2018$700,000
KSINov. 9, 2019$900,000
Floyd Mayweather JrJune 6, 2021$900,000
Last Update: 17-2-2023

How Much Does KSI Make From Boxing? 

As one of the more successful YouTube boxers in the sport, KSI earns roughly $1 million minimum per fight with his blockbuster bout against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul earning an estimated $150 million.

The YouTube star rose to fame as a FIFA player but has since transitioned into influencer boxing, music entertainment and sports branding.

Making his official debut in YouTube boxing in 2018, KSI fought one of the original influencer fighters in Joe Weller, picking up $30,000 alongside a debut victory. Compared to his current $1 million earnings per fight, KSI has increased his fight winnings by more than 30 times compared to his debut match.

Name of OpponentDate of FightPay Per Fight
Joe WellerFeb 3, 2018$30,000
Logan PaulAug. 25, 2018$700,000
Logan PaulNov. 9, 2019$900,000
SwarmzAug 27, 2022$1 million
Luis PinedaAug 27, 2022$1 million
Last Update: 17-2-2023

How Much Does AnEsonGib Make From Boxing?

While AnEsonGib is one of the lower earners compared to the other YouTube boxers, the British social media influencer made $900,000 in his most recent fight against Austin McBroom.

With a current record of one professional win and one loss, AnEsonGib also made just under $800,000 from his singular defeat to Jake Paul in 2021.

Name of OpponentDate of FightPay Per Fight
Austin McBroomSep 10, 2022$900,000
Jake PaulJan 30, 2020$800,000
Last Update: 17-2-2023
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