Fastest UFC Fights Ever [20 Quickest Finishes]

In the crazy world of mixed martial arts, the pre-fight hype plays a large part in the big picture. From the trash talk to the heated press conference and the stare-off at the weigh-ins and all the way to the fighter’s walkouts and introductions, the sport wouldn’t be the same without these ceremonial acts.

But in MMA, hours of hype could strangely lead up to a fight that ends in a handful of seconds. We’ve seen this phenomenon occurring on several occasions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, with a fighter making short work of his opponent.

So which were the shortest fights in UFC history? Who holds the record for the fastest knockout in the organization? And what about the fastest submission victory.

It’s time to find out.

Fastest UFC Fights Ever

In the table below, we’ll list the the fastest 22 fights UFC history.

RankingFighterOpponentEventDateOutcomeFight Duration
1Jorge MasvidalBen AskrenUFC 239July 6, 2019KO0:05
2Terrace McKinneyMatt FrevolaUFC 263June 12, 2021KO0:07
=Todd DuffeeTim HagueUFC 102August 29, 2009KO0:07
=Chan Sung JungMark HommickUFC 140December 10, 2011KO0:07
=Ryan JimmoAnthony PeroshUFC 149July 21, 2012KO0:07
6Leon EdwardsSeth BaczynskiUFC Fight Night 64April 11, 2015KO0:08
=Don FryeThomas RamirezUFC 8February 16, 1996KO0:08
=James IrvinHouston AlexanderUFC Fight Night 13April 2, 2008TKO0:08
=Makwan AmirkhaniAndy OgleUFC on Fox 14January 24, 2015TKO0:08
10Jairzinho RozenstruikAllen CrowderUFC Fight Night 154June 22, 2019KO0:09
=Gray MaynardJoe VeresUFC Fight Night 11September 19, 2009KO0:09
=Oleg TaktarovAnthony MaciasUFC 6July 14, 1995Submission0:09
13Mark WeirEugene JacksonUFC 38July 13, 2002KO0:10
14Duane LudwigJonathan GouletUFC Fight Night 3January 16, 2006KO0:11
=B.J. PennCaol UnoUFC 34November 2, 2001KO0:11
16Walt HarrisAlexey OliynikUFC on ESPN 4July 20, 2019KO0:12
=Rob EmersonManvel GamburyanUFC 87August 9, 2008KO0:12
=Johny HenricksJon FitchUFC 141December 30, 2011KO0:12
19Anthony JohnsonChad ReinerUFC Fight Night 10June 12, 2007KO0:13
=Anthony JohnsonGlover TeixeiraUFC 202August 20, 2016KO0:13
=Gary GoodridgePaul HerreraUFC 8February 16, 1996KO0:13
=Conor McGregorJosé AldoUFC 194December 12, 2015KO0:13
Last updated 18/4/2022

Shortest Ever UFC Fight

The shortest fight ever in UFC history took place on July 6, 2019, when Jorge Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in just five seconds at UFC 239.

Usually, the first few seconds of a fight is reserved for the touching gloves, but after all the trash talk that preceded this welterweight bout, both fighters headed straight to business.

For Askren, wrestling is his bread and butter, thus, he immediately tried to take his opponent down, surging forward with his head down. Unfortunately for the former Bellator champion, Masvidal had anticipated this move, and punished him with a devastating flying knee to the head that spelled Askren’s first UFC loss.

Fastest Ever UFC Submissions [Top 6]

As we can notice from the table above, the majority of the shortest fights in UFC history ended with KO/TKO. That’s because submissions require a bit more time to apply and force the opponent to tap.

Nevertheless, UFC fans still witnessed some shockingly swift submission finishes throughout the organization’s history.

So let’s take a look at the six fastest submission ever in the UFC.

RankingFighterOpponentEventDateSubmissionFight Duration
1Oleg TaktaroAnthony MaciasUFC 6July 14, 1995Guillotine choke0:09
2Joe CharlesKevin RosierUFC 4December 16, 1994Armbar0:14
=Ronda RouseyCat ZinganoUFC 184February 28, 2015Straight armbar0:14
=Justin MartinEric MartinUFC 12February 7, 1997Heel hook0:14
5Marcus AurelioRyan RobertsUFC Fight Night 13April 2, 2008Armbar0:16
=Franck ShamrockKevin JacksonUFC JapanDecember 21, 1997Armbar0:16
Last updated 18/4/2022
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