Outplayed Review: Does It Actually Work + Can You Make Money?

Making money online is the dream of many. To work where and when you want. It’s the ultimate freedom.

Unfortunately, you should always be cautious when you see the words “make money online” – as many scammers feed off other people’s dreams to make a quick buck.

The truth is: it is possible to make money online. You could do it by running a blog, you could sell products, you could even create a dropshipping store… but I’ve yet to find an easy and risk-free way to make money online – and Outplayed is no different.

What is Outplayed?

Outplayed is an online matched betting service that helps you make money by pitting online bookmakers offers and odds against each other in order to guarantee to yourself a profit. The service used to be known as Profit Accumulator, but changed its name to Outplayed on 1st November 2022 as part of a rebranding exercise.

Can You Really Make Money from Outplayed?

Yes – you can make money online with Outplayed. But it’s not passive income. It does take a bit of work. On average, users make £30 per hour when doing matched betting with Outplayed.

So, while you can definitely make money from Outplayed, there are two key questions you should consider before starting or continuing to use the service: 1) it is worth my time? 2) is this something I can enjoy doing?

How Does Outplayed Work?

Outplayed is a matched betting service that enables users to make money by utilising the special offers that online bookmakers have available in order to guarantee a profit.

With matched betting you are basically placing bets on both outcomes so that you are guaranteed a “win”. In normal circumstances, if you bet on a tennis match and placed a £10 bet on player 1 to win and a £10 bet on player 2 win, you’d probably lose 50p to £1 so that the bookmaker can make a profit. However, by utilising special offers that bookmakers provide to attract and keep customers, you’ll see how it’s possible to instead guarantee a small profit on a match – whatever the outcome.

That’s why matched betting isn’t really gambling – as there is no risk in what you are betting on.


How Many Members Are in Outplayed?

As of March 2022, Outplayed has had over 150,000 paying customers since launching (originally as Profit Accumulator) in 2014. Each month, around 1.6 million people visit the Profit Accumulator website.

Outplayed Earnings

Outplayed members typically earn around £30 per hour when doing matched betting. However, there is a limit as to the number of matched betting opportunities available each day.

If you previously haven’t opened any (or at least not many) sports betting accounts, you will be able to claim a lot of offers initially. However, once you’ve claimed all your welcome offers, you’ll be limited to ongoing customers offers – these aren’t typically as generous, but they can provide you with a stead income if you use them intelligently.

Active Outplayed members can make from £300 to £1,000 per month – depending on how active they are and the amount of offers available – which can also fluctuate depending on the current sports events. When a major sporting event is taking place (e.g. Grand National, a World Cup or Cheltenham Festival), bookmakers will look to maximise on the uptick in interest for their own marketing purposes and will thus provide more offers which you can use.

The best way to approach matched betting is to spend 30 to 60 minutes on any given day. As offers are always coming and going, it’s difficult to block in a full day doing it. However, by spreading your time throughout the month, you’ll gain access to more offers.

Estimated Earnings from Outplayed Matched Betting

Once you’ve used up the initial welcome offers from bookmakers which can earn you significantly more, below is a forecast of how much you can earn with Outplayed based on working 60 minutes a day (earning £30 per hour on average) over the course of a month.

Hours Per MonthEstimated Earnings

As you can see, while it’s very possible to make money online with Outplayed with minimal effort, there is a ceiling on how much you can potentially take home each money. With Outplayed’s Platinum Membership (£29.99) you can expect to make up to £900 per month. However, if you sign up for the Diamond Membership (£44.99) you can also gain access to casino offers which use similar matched betting principals and will increase your earnings potential to up to £1,500.

Is Outplayed “Diamond Members” Worth It?

If you are committed to spending 5+ days per month using Outplayed, the Diamond membership package is certainly worth considering. Diamond members can typically make an extra £10 per hour by utilising casino offers, so the Diamond Members package will have paid itself off if you using Profit Accumulator for more than five days (one hour per session) over a month.

Is Outplayed Match Betting Easy?

Outplayed is easy in that if you follow the instructions provided, you will be able to guarantee a profit from your match betting. The most challenging thing about matched betting is ensuring you are concentrated on what you are doing as mistakes can literally cost you.

Fortunately, your risk of making a mistake while matched betting is greatly reduced as Outplayed provides very clear step-by-step instructions on how to claim an offer and utilise it correctly. Outplayed’s key value proposition is that it makes matched betting a lot easier and accessible for its users.

Outplayed provides both written step-by-step guides on its offers as well as video tutorials.

Profit Accumular Tutorials Page (Free Trial Version)
Profit Accumulators Step-by-Step Tutorial

Does Outplayed Tell You What Bets to Place?

While Outplayed doesn’t typically tell you to place bets on certain events, the website’s Oddsmatching tool provides you with a list of markets on which there is a discrepancy in bookmakers odds that can guarantee you a profit.

You can see the Oddsmatching tool below. It clearly shows you the BACK ODDS and LAY ODDS, how much you can bet and profit, as well as the bookmakers you need to use it.

Oddsmatching Tool at Profit Accumulators

How Long is Outplayed Free Trial?

There is no time limit on Outplayed’s free trial, but you will only get access to two matched betting opportunities with the trial. If you want to see more offers and tutorials from Outplayed after this, you will need to sign up to the Platinum membership for £29.99 per month.

Can You Cancel Outplayed at Any Time?

Yes. Outplayed accounts can be cancelled immediately at any time by going to ‘My Account’, then scrolling down to ‘Your Details’ and clicking ‘Cancel Membership’.

Outplayed Free Trial

If you want to test Outplayed for yourself, the company offers a free trial which provides you with a 5-step tutorial that shows you how you can make a guaranteed £40 by using welcome offers from Coral, Betfred and Betfair. You don’t need to give your card details to Outplayed in order to start your free trial.