Why Are Everton Called ‘The Toffees’? [EXPLAINED]

Having previously explored why Everton FC are called “Everton” in the first place, it’s time to look at why Everton got the unusual nickname “The Toffees”.

Everton Nickname

Among Everton fans, you may be surprised to hear that Everton’s most common nickname is “the Blues” with the shout of “Come on you Blues” (or “COYB” when written down) very commonly heard at Goodison Park.

And while Evertonians may sometimes refer to the team as “The Toffees”, it’s mostly outsiders of the club that use this particular nickname most frequently. Indeed, it’s essentially guaranteed that following any Everton defeat, you will see the cliched “Toffees come unstuck at [Opponent]” headline in some newspaper or other.

So why are Everton called “The Toffees”?

Why Are Everton Called “The Toffees”?

Everton became known as “The Toffees” because the club’s original ground (then at Anfield), had two toffee shops nearby: ‘Ye Ancient Everton Toffee House’ and ‘Mother Noblett’s Toffee Shop,’ which was found much closer to Goodison Park.

The Toffee House was the pride and joy of Molly Bushell, who who is said to have invented Everton Toffees, which many early Evertonians would stop off at en route to watching their first matches.

Yet they soon developed a rivalry with another toffee shop, when Mother Noblett opened her own near Goodison and supposedly invented ‘Everton Mints’ in a bid to rival Bushell’s toffees.

Yet these two sweets were entirely different to one another. Mother Noblett’s mints had a toffee centre, with a hard sugar shell with black and white stripes. The toffees, meanwhile, were made from boiling raw sugar with water before adding butter and essence of lemon. (though some old recipes suggest that ginger was also added to give them a more unique flavour to the sweets).

Either way, ‘toffees’ seemed to catch on, and to this day, Everton are still nicknamed as such, with their mascot, the Toffee Lady, throwing the sweets into the Goodison crowd before home games.

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