Where is Paddy Pimblett From and What is His Walkout Song?

With his long blonde hair, unconventional fighting style and, of course, his unforgettable entrances to events, it’s not surprising that Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett is tipped to become one of the UFC’s next big stars.

But just who is Paddy, where is he from and what is the name of the amazing walkout song he comes out to? Let’s find out…

Who is Paddy Pimblett?

Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett is a Lightweight MMA fighter from Liverpool, England. Pimblett signed to the UFC in 2021 with a 16-3 professional record, having won both the Featherweight and Lightweight Cage Warriors titles – the first fighter since Conor McGregor to do so.

He is one of a number of fighters to have recently emerged from Liverpool and its surrounding area, including Darren Till, Tom Aspinall, Mike Grundy and, teammate, Molly McCann.

Where is Paddy Pimblett From?

Paddy Pimblett is from the Huyton area of Liverpool in England.

However, Pimblett doesn’t associate with being “English” and prefers to say he is from Liverpool, Merseyside (the county that Liverpool is in) and refers to himself as a “Scouser” (the nickname given to people from Liverpool).

Many young people from the Liverpool area have become disenchanted with the rest of England and the UK due to many historical and recent political factors. Liverpool is a working class city with strong socialist roots that doesn’t align with the centre-right Conservative government that has mostly dominated UK politics in recent decades.

Indeed, Liverpool has seen a large number of Scouse singer-songwriters emerge from the city in recent years, singing primarily about life in the area. The most famous of these are Jamie Webster and Mason Owens.

Is Paddy Pimblett Irish?

One common misconception made by American MMA fans about Pimblett is that he is actually Irish. This mistake is very understandable given that he is called “Paddy” (short for Patrick) and has an accent that is barely decipherable to those on the other side of the Atlantic.

However, Liverpool and Ireland does in fact have a long historical connection, with the two places separated just 135 miles by the Irish Sea, with ferries passing between Dublin and Liverpool several times a day.

During the Irish Potato Famine in the 19th century, many people left Ireland for Liverpool and this is attributed to having had a significant impact on the evolution of the “Scouse” accent in the 20th century.

What is Paddy Pimblett’s Walkout Song?

Paddy Pimblett’s walkout song for MMA events is a mix of two House songs: Lethal Industry by Tiësto and Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Story of Paddy Pimblett’s Walkout Song

In an interview with BT Sport, Paddy Pimblett revealed how this unique walkout song came to fruition:

“Years ago I used to come out to rap. My first nine amateur fights and my first four pro fights, I came out to rap. Then I lost.

“At the time, I was going out partying all the time and they [his walkout songs] were the type of songs I always used to listen to: House music.

“It was just a song I really liked: Lethal Industry. But it never dropped into a good song, it goes a bit stale.

“So I asked Ant Chandler, a former Garlands DJ who used to come to my gym, to mix these two songs together for me. It’s basically my own remix! He put the two songs together for me.

“When I walked out to that… it goes off! It’s special, lad. It really is.”


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