Teetotal Footballers: 5 Famous Players Who Don’t Drink

Although it is often seen as an unhealthy substance, alcohol, and professional football are often merged together in the operation of the modern game.

From brands sponsoring clubs to players owning shares in certain alcohol companies, the connection between the two is easy to understand considering the financial benefits of being associated with each other.

Despite this strong link, many footballers are teetotal and avoid alcohol altogether for various reasons,ranging from religious beliefs to personal choice.

But which famous players avoid alcohol? And why do they not partake in something that plays such a large role in the modern game?

Do Footballers Drink Alcohol? 

While football clubs will have different rules regarding alcohol, footballers are generally allowed to drink in their own personal time. Like any other profession, they are expected to do this in moderation and in a way that avoids interference with their health and abilities on the football pitch.

Teetotal Footballers

Cristiano Ronaldo

Often seen as one of the most impressive physical athletes in the history of football, it is no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo avoids drinking anything that could have a negative impact on his health.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner saw the poor results that alcohol can cause within his own family as his father passed away following a battle with liver cancer due to alcohol abuse.

Ronaldo has mentioned this several times claiming: “I never drink alcohol since my father died due to addiction.”

Harry Kane

As an athlete in his prime and also an advocate of many health charities across the country, Tottenham striker Harry Kane is another world-class player who avoids drinking alcohol altogether. You wouldn’t worry about the England captain getting drug-tested.

In 2017, Kane revealed that he made two big changes to his diet which quickly helped him grow into one of the greatest forwards in the Premier League – avoiding carbohydrates and alcohol.

Before the 2022 World Cup, England captain Harry Kane revealed the following: “I couldn’t even remember the last time I went to a club or had a drink.”

Mohamed Salah

As Liverpool’s star man and Egypt captain, Mohamed Salah has developed into one of the most dangerous attacking players in the modern game.

Alongside his prowess on the pitch, the winger is also a devoted Muslim – further meaning that he cannot and will not drink alcohol as it is against his religious beliefs.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp mentioned this when speaking with the press about why Salah and his then-teammate Sadio Mané were playing so well: “They don’t drink, so they were fit game after game. Both are a force of nature and hopefully, they stay like that forever!”

N’Golo Kanté

Much like Salah, Chelsea star N’Golo Kanté is also a practicing Muslim and therefore does not drink alcohol due to his religious beliefs.

The two-time Premier League winner is often regarded as one of the physically fittest players in the league with his health being an important part of his overall game.

Although Kanté has had plenty to celebrate since he moved to England in 2015, the French midfielder has done so without the influence of alcohol.

Gareth Bale

A lover of football, Wales, and golf, one of the few things Gareth Bale does not love is drinking alcohol. The former Welsh captain and five-time Champions League winner avoids drinking alcohol altogether as he “doesn’t like the taste”.

Despite not enjoying alcohol, Bale actually launched his own brand of ale after Wales qualified for the 2022 World Cup following a 64-year absence.

Bale vowed that the proceeds from the “Bale Ale” will go towards the development of grassroots football in Wales.

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