Most Consecutive Premier League Wins [Top 5 Longest Winning Streaks]

The English Premier League is regarded by many observers to be the best and most competitive league in world football.

That being the case, you would think that clubs – and even the top clubs – would be happy if they managed to string together a handful of consecutive wins.

But while some sides are delighted if they earn back-to-back victories a couple of times over the course of the season, those in contention to win the league have to set their sights a little higher.

So, which teams have gone on the longest winning streaks in the Premier League, the kind of run that can often take them a long way towards winning the title?

Let’s have a look at the teams that have been best at settling for nothing less than a win.

What is the Longest Win Streak in the Premier League?

The longest winning streak in the Premier League is 18 matches – equivalent to almost half a season – by Manchester City in 2017/18 and Liverpool in 2019/20. Unsurprisingly, both sides went on to win the league title in those seasons.

Most Consecutive Premier League Wins [Top 5]

TeamConsecutive WinsDate
Liverpool18October 2019 – February 2020
Manchester City18August 2017 – December 2017
Liverpool17March 2019 – October 2019
Manchester City15February 2019 – August 2019
Arsenal14February 2002 – August 2002

5th) Arsenal – 14 Consecutive Wins (February 2002 – August 2002)

Arsenal racked up 14 wins on the trot back in 2002, including winning their final 13 matches of the 2001/02 season on their way to winning the title by seven points from Liverpool in second.

They completed a league and cup double that season by defeating Chelsea 2–0 in the FA Cup final in May. The winning streak was brought to an end with a 2–2 draw against London rivals West Ham on 24 August 2002.

Arsenal 2002 Winning Streak

1-0EvertonAway10 February 2002
4-1FulhamHome23 February 2002
2-0Newcastle UnitedAway2 March 2002
1-0Derby CountyHome5 March 2002
2-1Aston VillaAway17 March 2002
3-0SunderlandHome30 March 2002
3-0Charlton AthleticAway1 April 2002
2-1Tottenham HotpspurHome6 April 2002
2-0Ipswich TownHome21 April 2002
2-0West Ham UnitedHome24 April 2002
2-0Bolton WanderersAway29 April 2002
1-0Manchester UnitedAway8 May 2002
4-3EvertonHome11 May 2002
2-1Birmingham CityHome18 August 2002
Consecutive Matches Won15
Goals Scored31
Goals Conceded7
Average Scoreline2.0-0.5
Streak Ended2-2 West Ham United (A)
Arsenal 2002 Winning Streak Summary

4th)  Manchester City – 15 Consecutive Wins (February 2019 – August 2019)

The 2018/19 season was a historic one for Manchester City, as they completed a clean sweep of the three English domestic competitions – the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup – and also won the traditional season curtain raiser, the Community Shield.

This was the first time any club had held all four of England’s main football trophies at the same time.

Big-spending Manchester City’s Premier League winning streak was halted early the following season by Spurs in a 2–2 home draw on 17 August 2019, and they would go on to finish second to a dominant Liverpool side in 2019/20 (more of which below).

Man City 2019 Winning Streak

3-1ArsenalHome3 February 2019
2-0EvertonAway6 February 2019
6-0ChelseaHome10 February 2019
1-0West Ham UnitedHome27 February 2019
1-0BournemouthAway2 March 2019
3-1WatfordHome9 March 2019
2-0FulhamAway30 March 2019
2-0Cardiff CityHome3 April 2019
3-1Crystal PalaceAway14 April 2019
1-0Tottenham HotspurHome20 April 2019
2-0Manchester UnitedAway24 April 2019
1-0BurnleyAway28 April 2019
1-0Leicester CityHome6 May 2019
4-1Brighton & Hove AlbionAway12 May 2019
5-0West Ham UnitedAway10 August 2019
Consecutive Matches Won15
Goals Scored32
Goals Conceded4
Average Scoreline2.1-0.3
Streak Ended2-2 Tottenham Hotspur (H)
Man City 2019 Winning Streak Summary

3rd) Liverpool – 17 Consecutive Wins (March 2019 – October 2019)

Liverpool won their final nine league matches of the 2018/19 season as they tried to keep pace with eventual winners Manchester City in what was a thrilling climax to the Premier League season.

They only lost one league game all season – a 2–1 reverse against City – but extraordinarily still ended up as runners up with 97 points, pipped to the title by a single point.

But the Reds would have their revenge the following season when they won the league by a whopping 18 points – winning 26 of their first 27 games, drawing the other. The winning run was ended by a 1-1 draw at Manchester United in October. Following that result, the Reds then went on to win their next 18 league matches – meaning that if they had won at Old Trafford, they would have put an incredible 36-game winning streak together.

Liverpool 2019 Winning Streak

4-2BurnleyHome10 March 2019
2-1FulhamAway17 March 2019
2-1Tottenham HotspurHome31 March 2019
3-1SouthamptonAway5 April 2019
2-0ChelseaHome14 April 2019
2-0Cardiff CityAway21 April 2019
5-0Huddersfield TownHome26 April 2019
3-2Newcastle UnitedAway4 May 2019
2-0Wolverhampton WanderersHome12 May 2019
4-1Norwich CityHome9 August 2019
2-1SouthamptonAway17 August 2019
3-1ArsenalHome24 August 2019
3-0BurnleyAway31 August 2019
3-1Newcastle UnitedHome14 September 2019
2-1ChelseaAway22 September 2019
1-0Sheffield UnitedAway28 September 2019
2-1Leicester CityHome5 October 2019
Consecutive Matches Won17
Goals Scored45
Goals Conceded12
Average Scoreline2.6-0.7
Streak Ended1-1 Manchester United (A)
Liverpool 2019 Winning Streak Summary

=1st) Manchester City – 18 Consecutive Wins (August 2017 – December 2017)

Manchester City won their third Premier League title in the 2017/18 season, with the foundation for their success well and truly laid at the start of the season, when they won 19 of their first 20 matches.

The Citizens ended the season with 100 points, the first time that triple figures had been achieved in a Premier League season, a record that remains unmatched to date.

They finished 19 points ahead of their city rivals United with a huge goal difference of +79 goals from their 38 fixtures, a difference of 33 more than next-best Liverpool.

Overall, it was a season of almost total dominance.

Man City 2017 Winning Streak

2-1BournemouthAway26 August 2017
5-0LiverpoolHome9 September 2017
6-0WatfordAway16 September 2017
5-0Crystal PalaceHome23 September 2017
1-0ChelseaAway30 September 2017
7-2Stoke CityHome14 October 2017
3-0BurnleyHome21 October 2017
3-2West Bromwich AlbionAway28 October 2017
3-1ArsenalHome5 November 2017
2-0Leicester CityAway18November 2017
2-1Huddersfield TownAway26 November 2017
2-1SouthamptonHome29 November 2017
2-1West Ham UnitedHome3 December 2017
2-1Manchester UnitedAway10 December 2017
4-0Swansea CityAway13 December 2017
4-1Tottenham HotspurHome16 December 2017
4-0BournemouthHome23 December 2017
1-0Newcastle UnitedAway27 December 2017
Consecutive Matches Won18
Goals Scored58
Goals Conceded11
Average Scoreline3.2-0.6
Streak Ended0-0 Crystal Palace (A)
Man City 2017 Winning Streak Summary

=1st) Liverpool – 18 Consecutive Wins (October 2019 – February 2020)

After being pipped to the title by Manchester City by a point in the 2018/19 season, despite winning their final nine league matches, Liverpool embarked on another amazing winning streak the following season.

They won their first eight matches of 2019/20, and after that run was ended by a 1–1 draw with great rivals Manchester United, Liverpool went on to win 18 consecutive games between October and February on their way to winning the league by 18 points. 

Strangely, that winning run was brought to an abrupt end by unfashionable Watford, who comprehensively beat the Reds 3–0 at Vicarage Road on 29 February.

Liverpool 2019/20 Winning Streak

2-1Tottenham HotspurHome27 October 2019
2-1Aston VillaAway2 November 2019
3-1Manchester CityHome 10 November 2019
2-1Crystal PalaceAway 23 November 2019
2-1Brighton & Hove AlbionHome 30 November 2019
5-2EvertonHome 4 December 2019
3-0BournemouthAway 7 December 2019
2-0WatfordHome 14 December 2019
4-0Leicester CityAway 26 December 2019
1-0Wolverhampton WanderersHome 29 December 2019
2-0Sheffield UnitedHome 2 January 2020
1-0Tottenham Hotspur Away 11 January 2020
2-0Manchester UnitedHome 19 January 2020
2-1Wolverhampton Wanderers Away 23 January 2020
2-0West Ham UnitedAway 29 January 2020
4-0SouthamptonHome 1 February 2020
1-0Norwich CityAway 15 February 2020
3-2West Ham United Home 24 February 2020
Consecutive Matches Won18
Goals Scored43
Goals Conceded10
Average Scoreline2.4-0.6
Streak Ended0-3 Watford (A)
Liverpool 2019/20 Winning Streak Summary
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