How Much Do Wales Players Get Paid? [EARNINGS REVEALED]

Professional footballers are the envy of fans around the world. They get paid millions to play a sport that billions of people around the world follow, enjoy adoring fans and live the life of luxury.

But, there is no shortage of hard work for many professionals to get to the top, and besides the boost to their bank balances, the top stars are also given the honour of representing their country.

If they are born in the ‘right’ country, this means going to a World Cup and their respective continental competition. For players eligible to represent Wales, this means sharing a pitch with Gareth Bale and representing The Dragons. But how much are Wales players paid when wearing the famous red jersey? Let’s find out.

Do Wales Players Get Paid?

Like other international footballers, Wales players enjoy financial rewards for playing in their national team colours. These payments will be on a per match basis, while the Welsh Football Association may also offer bonuses to the players based on their international achievements.

International footballers enjoy huge salaries in their club careers but they are also compensated for their services when they represent their countries. From salaries offered by the FA to prize money and additional sponsorship, it pays to make it the very top of the sport.

How Much Do Wales Players Get Paid?

International football associations do not publish the salaries they pay to their players but Wales’ players will enjoy their share of £10 million from FIFA for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Split 26 ways, the size of a World Cup squad, each Wales player could expect to earn around £384,000.

This figure includes an initial £1.5 million bonus from FIFA to help organise Wales’ preparations for the World Cup.

How Much Will Welsh Players Earn at the World Cup?

Even if Wales don’t manage to get out of the World Cup group stage, the players will enjoy a share of £8 million. The further the Welsh team goes into the tournament the more the players and football organisation stand to earn.

While England is the most successful country of the British Isles, after years of impressive performances Wales can consider itself the best of the rest. While Wales isn’t the football superpower that England is, there is every chance that the Welsh can go as far as their neighbours at the World Cup.

Do Welsh Players Donate Wages to Charity?

Given the large sums of money Wales’ players earn through their club careers, it would be safe to assume that they donate their wages to charity.

This approach would be in line with England’s senior players, who donate their international earnings to charity, and have done since 2007. Additionally, many professional players personally donate thousands of pounds of their earnings to charities, or create their own fundraising enterprises. Wales’ FA has also pledged to ensure that its women’s and men’s teams are paid equally by 2026.

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