Have Wales Ever Beaten England in Football? [Head-to-Head Record]

A national rivalry that dates all the way back to the 13th century, the competition between England and Wales has always been a fiery meeting.

Sharing a 160 mile border, the two countries are well-known bitter rivals in British football with England often seen as the more successful in terms of silverware and quality.

But why are these two countries rivals? And, how many times have Wales beaten England?

England vs Wales Football Rivalry

A rivalry that first began in 1879, the clash between England and Wales was once a regular occurrence as the two sides would constantly battle in the Home Nations Championship – a tournament that ran from 1884 to 1984.

Playing each other on an annual basis, England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland became fiercely competitive with each other in football as the opportunity to face other European countries was not as accessible.

Fast forward to modern times, and the rivalry between England and Wales has become more of a special occasion than a regular meeting as competitions such as the World Cup, Nations League, and European Championships have made it possible to face other countries from around the globe.

Countries such as Germany have grown to be England’s fiercest rivals in modern football due to the competitive history between the two countries and the high quality of the international meetings.

The two countries are now seen as rivals due to their geographical positioning more than footballing quality, however, both sides possess arguably the best teams in Britain which leaves the ever lingering question of ‘who is the best?’.

England vs Wales: Football Results History

18 Jan 1879England2-1WalesInternational Friendly
15 Mar 1880Wales2-3EnglandInternational Friendly
26 Feb 1881England0-1WalesInternational Friendly
13 Mar 1882Wales5-3EnglandInternational Friendly
03 Feb 1883England5-0WalesInternational Friendly
17 Mar 1884Wales0-4EnglandBritish Home Championship
14 Mar 1885England1-1WalesBritish Home Championship
29 Mar 1886Wales1-3EnglandBritish Home Championship
26 Feb 1887England4-0WalesBritish Home Championship
04 Feb 1888England5-1WalesBritish Home Championship
23 Feb 1889England4-1WalesBritish Home Championship
15 Mar 1890Wales1-3EnglandBritish Home Championship
07 Mar 1891England4-1WalesBritish Home Championship
05 Mar 1892Wales0-2EnglandBritish Home Championship
13 Mar 1893England6-0WalesBritish Home Championship
12 Mar 1894Wales1-5EnglandBritish Home Championship
18 Mar 1895England1-1WalesBritish Home Championship
16 Mar 1896Wales1-9EnglandBritish Home Championship
29 Mar 1897England4-0WalesBritish Home Championship
28 Mar 1898Wales0-3EnglandBritish Home Championship
20 Mar 1899England4-0WalesBritish Home Championship
26 Mar 1900Wales1-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
18 Mar 1901England6-0WalesBritish Home Championship
03 Mar 1902Wales0-0EnglandBritish Home Championship
02 Mar 1903England2-1WalesBritish Home Championship
29 Feb 1904Wales2-2EnglandBritish Home Championship
27 Mar 1905England3-1WalesBritish Home Championship
19 Mar 1906Wales0-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
18 Mar 1907England1-1WalesBritish Home Championship
16 Mar 1908Wales1-7EnglandBritish Home Championship
15 Mar 1909England2-0WalesBritish Home Championship
14 Mar 1910Wales0-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
13 Mar 1911England3-0WalesBritish Home Championship
11 Mar 1912Wales0-2EnglandBritish Home Championship
17 Mar 1913England4-3WalesBritish Home Championship
16 Mar 1914Wales0-2EnglandBritish Home Championship
15 Mar 1920England1-2WalesBritish Home Championship
14 Mar 1921Wales0-0EnglandBritish Home Championship
13 Mar 1922England1-0WalesBritish Home Championship
05 Mar 1923Wales2-2EnglandBritish Home Championship
03 Mar 1924England1-2WalesBritish Home Championship
28 Feb 1925Wales1-2EnglandBritish Home Championship
01 Mar 1926England1-3WalesBritish Home Championship
12 Feb 1927Wales3-3EnglandBritish Home Championship
28 Nov 1927England1-2WalesBritish Home Championship
17 Nov 1928Wales2-3EnglandBritish Home Championship
20 Nov 1929England6-0WalesBritish Home Championship
22 Nov 1930Wales0-4EnglandBritish Home Championship
18 Nov 1931England3-1WalesBritish Home Championship
16 Nov 1932Wales0-0EnglandBritish Home Championship
15 Nov 1933England1-2WalesBritish Home Championship
29 Sep 1934Wales0-4EnglandBritish Home Championship
05 Feb 1936England1-2WalesBritish Home Championship
17 Oct 1936Wales2-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
17 Nov 1937England2-1WalesBritish Home Championship
22 Oct 1938Wales4-2EnglandBritish Home Championship
13 Nov 1946England3-0WalesBritish Home Championship
18 Oct 1947Wales0-3EnglandBritish Home Championship
10 Nov 1948England1-0WalesBritish Home Championship
15 Oct 1949Wales1-4EnglandFIFA World Cup Qualifier
15 Nov 1950England4-2WalesBritish Home Championship
20 Oct 1951Wales1-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
12 Nov 1952England5-2WalesBritish Home Championship
10 Oct 1953Wales1-4EnglandFIFA World Cup Qualifier
10 Nov 1954England3-2WalesBritish Home Championship
22 Oct 1955Wales2-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
14 Nov 1956England3-1WalesBritish Home Championship
19 Oct 1957Wales0-4EnglandBritish Home Championship
26 Nov 1958England2-2WalesBritish Home Championship
17 Oct 1959Wales1-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
23 Nov 1960England5-1WalesBritish Home Championship
14 Oct 1961Wales1-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
21 Nov 1962England4-0WalesBritish Home Championship
12 Oct 1963Wales0-4EnglandBritish Home Championship
18 Nov 1964England2-1WalesBritish Home Championship
02 Oct 1965Wales0-0EnglandBritish Home Championship
16 Nov 1966England5-1WalesUEFA European Championship Qualifier
21 Oct 1967Wales0-3EnglandUEFA European Championship Qualifier
07 May 1969England2-1WalesBritish Home Championship
18 Apr 1970Wales1-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
19 May 1971England0-0WalesBritish Home Championship
20 May 1972Wales0-3EnglandBritish Home Championship
15 Nov 1972Wales0-1EnglandFIFA World Cup Qualifier
24 Jan 1973England1-1WalesFIFA World Cup Qualifier
15 May 1973England3-0WalesBritish Home Championship
11 May 1974Wales0-2EnglandBritish Home Championship
21 May 1975England2-2WalesBritish Home Championship
24 Mar 1976Wales1-2EnglandCentenary Match
08 May 1976Wales0-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
31 May 1977England0-1WalesBritish Home Championship
13 May 1978Wales1-3EnglandBritish Home Championship
23 May 1979England0-0WalesBritish Home Championship
17 May 1980Wales4-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
20 May 1981England0-0WalesBritish Home Championship
27 Apr 1982Wales0-1EnglandBritish Home Championship
23 Feb 1983England2-1WalesBritish Home Championship
02 May 1984Wales1-0EnglandBritish Home Championship
09 Oct 2004England2-0WalesFIFA World Cup Qualifier
03 Sep 2005Wales0-1EnglandFIFA World Cup Qualifier
26 Mar 2011Wales0-2EnglandUEFA European Championship Qualifier
06 Sep 2011England1-0WalesUEFA European Championship Qualifier
16 Jun 2016England2-1WalesUEFA European Championship
08 Oct 2020England3-0WalesInternational Friendly
29 Nov 2022WalesTBCEnglandFIFA World Cup
Last updated: 01 September 2022

England vs Wales Head-to-Head Record

Last updated: 01 September 2022

Have Wales Ever Beaten England in Football?

Wales have beaten England in football with their first ever win over the three lions recorded in 1881, winning 1-0 at Alexandra Meadows thanks to a goal from John Vaughan.

How Many Times Have Wales Beaten England in Football?

Wales have beaten England in 60 of their 138 international meetings, they have also drawn 12 of them whilst England have won the most at 66 victories.

This means that both sides have won less than 50% of the meetings, Wales has won just 43.48% of the fixtures while England is the more dominant side with a win percentage of 47.83%.

When Did Wales Last Beat England in Football?

Wales last won against England in 1984 in a 1-0 victory in Wrexham. Wales have failed to win against England in seven of their last eight meetings with the three lions, losing six and drawing once.

Then-Manchester United youngster Mark Hughes netted the winner, scoring a header on his international debut at the Racecourse Ground in their final Home Nations meeting. The young forward’s goal past legendary goalkeeper Peter Shilton made Hughes a Welsh hero as well as handed his country their first win over England since 1980.

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